Individual Therapy

Individuals may find therapy helpful in a number of situations — when wanting to explore and develop their understanding of themselves, when addressing long standing concerns and underlying worries in their lives, or when suddenly feeling overwhelmed by a current situation and fearing breakdown.

Therapy is offered for a range of problems including:

anger management, anxiety, bereavement, eating disorders, bipolar disorder/manic depression, loss of confidence and low self-esteem, feelings of estrangement, obsessive-compulsive behaviours, panic attacks, relationship issues, self harm, physical and sexual abuse, stress, trauma and work related/workplace problems.

The therapy is "open ended" which means there are no pre-determined plan of work or rigid time limits imposed. However, any programme of fewer than 12 sessions offers little opportunity to explore deep-seated and troublesome unconscious processes in any depth, and progress is likely to be limited as a result. Therapy programmes therefore usually extend beyond an initial 12 weeks.

The first session lasts for about 90 minutes, which offers time to explore what is happening in your life and your feelings, and whether therapy is appropriate for you. It gives you the chance to ask questions and get an insight into a programme of therapy. If it is agreed to work together, this session enables us to clarify how we proceed.

All subsequent sessions last 50 minutes.

Fees for individual therapy are:

initial session & assessment (90 mins) free
subsequent sessions (50 mins) £50 per session